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I work at a bank; can I invest with StashAway

StashAway invests solely in Exchange-traded Funds (ETFs), and deploys a passive management strategy through automated technology to execute trading decisions. Click here to see our ETF selection and here to read more about our ETF selection criteria.

Typically, the restrictions in employee investments are related to insider dealing or conflicts of interest concerns. Therefore, it is not uncommon for companies to have confidentiality policies to restrict dealing securities in which one has possession of material non-public information concerning such securities, or to require employees to disclose or obtain approval for trades in certain securities.

It is quite common that ETFs may be excluded from such trading restrictions, on the basis that the employee does not have control over the underlying basket of securities for each ETF. This is of course subject to specific company policies, which may differ, and some employers have restrictions on ETFs for particular employees. Therefore, we still recommend that you verify with your control room prior to investing with StashAway.

Additionally, we will be happy to provide a signed discretionary letter for customers working in financial institutions to fulfill their compliance requirements.

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