Quick overview

StashAway is a digital wealth management platform for both retail and accredited investors. Its technology delivers automated, personalised portfolio management for each client's individual portfolios. Its risk-management investment strategy, ERAA® (Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation), is designed to maximise clients' long-term returns while keeping each individual customer's specific risk exposure constant through changing economic cycles.

StashAway currently offers 3 main types of portfolios - its Core and Higher Risk Portfolios, a Singapore-focused Income portfolio and a SGD cash management portfolio, StashAway Simple™. StashAway offers its service with no lock-up period, flexible deposits and withdrawals, and annual management fees between 0.2% and 0.8%. StashAway Simple™ is not subject to any management fees.

security_iconWe’re licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia. Find out more.

Important facts

  • We were founded in September 2016

  • We launched our first portfolios in June 2017, and launched in Malaysia in 2018

  • Our headquarters are in Singapore, and we have offices in Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok, Dubai, and Hong Kong.

  • We've raised $61.4 million USD over 6 funding rounds

  • Received Capital Market Services License from Securities Commission Malaysia in 2018