Low fees let you invest more of your money

Our pricing structure

The more you invest, the less you pay

Total Investment (MYR)Annual Fee Rate (Incl. GST)
First RM50,0000.8%
Any additional amount above RM50,000, up to RM100,0000.7%
Any additional amount above RM100,000, up to RM250,0000.6%
Any additional amount above RM250,000, up to RM500,0000.5%
Any additional amount above RM500,000, up to RM1,000,0000.4%
Any additional amount above RM1,000,000, up to RM3,000,0000.3%
Any additional amount above RM3,000,0000.2%

No hidden fees.

No minimum balance.

No kidding.

StashAway’s management fees range between just 0.2% and 0.8% annually, excluding ETF fees of approximately 0.2% charged by the ETF managers. Compare this fee structure to traditional banking products that charge between 1.25% and 5% annually. Our broker charges a 0.1% MYR to USD conversion fee, no matter how much you invest. That’s considerably lower than broker and retail bank fees, which can range between 0.35% and 0.7% per transaction.

StashAway Pricing
Creating an accountNo charge
WithdrawalsUnlimited and Free
Transferring money in and out of your accountNo charge
Account closureNo charge
Minimum balanceRM0
Annual management fee0.2% - 0.8% per annum
Currency conversion fee, charged by the broker, for Ringgit deposits0.1% on the spot rate
Fees charged by the ETF managerApprox. 0.2% per annum

Earn (significantly) more with lower fees

Our lower fees allow you to earn more returns over the long-term, because they don’t eat into what you can otherwise earn with compound interest.

Why do we use a unit trust as a comparison?

In Malaysia, banks commonly sell unit trusts to customers, making unit trusts one of the most common investment products used by Malaysians to generate returns.

Get free investing

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