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We keep our fees low so you can keep more of what you earn.
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We’re licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia

(Licence eCMSL/A0352/2018)

Clear pricing. No surprises.

At StashAway, we believe in a straightforward and transparent fee structure. Our management fees are only 0.2% to 0.8% annually.

  • No account setup or exit fees

  • Unlimited, free withdrawals

  • Unlimited, free transfers between portfolios

  • Rebalancing, transaction, and re-optimisation costs included

Investment Portfolios

For General Investing, Goal-based Investing, Income Portfolio, and Thematic Portfolios

Your Investment
Annual fee (incl. GST)RM0 MYR

Blended rate: 0% p.a.

Total investment (MYR)Annual fee rate (incl. GST)
First RM50,0000.8%
Any additional amount above RM50,000, up to RM100,0000.7%
Any additional amount above RM100,000, up to RM250,0000.6%
Any additional amount above RM250,000, up to RM500,0000.5%
Any additional amount above RM500,000, up to RM1,000,0000.4%
Any additional amount above RM1,000,000, up to RM3,000,0000.3%
Any additional amount above RM3,000,0000.2%
Expense ratio charged by ETF manager is approximately 0.2% p.a.

Currency conversion fee charged by our vendor for MYR deposits and transfers to USD and GBP portfolios: 0.1% on the spot rate.

StashAway Simple™

We don’t include your Simple balance as part of your overall investments under management when we calculate your fee with us.


Annual fee

StashAway Simple™


Net fee charged by underlying fund manager, embedded in the projected rate



The net expense ratio is 0.8%, made up of the underlying fund’s 0.75% annual management and 0.05% trustee fee. There is also a rebate of 0.3% that we award back to you when we receive it. The difference is the 0.5% net expense ratio for StashAway Simple™.

Invite a friend and get even lower fees

Invite a friend and you’ll each receive up to RM 30,000 of your investments managed free for the first 6 months, once they make their first transfer with us.

Free management fees don’t apply to StashAway Simple™ though, because Simple is free.

Building wealth is easier with lower fees

See how your projected earnings can potentially grow over time with our low annual management fees.


RM125,000 MYR


RM10,000 MYR

After 10 years
After 20 years
After 30 years



Industry Average


Difference earned from lower fees



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