Better Service at a Lower Cost

01 March 2017

Historically, high-priced services meant you often had to pay a high price for them. Today, technology has enabled us to flip that paradigm, and now you can get even better service at a lower cost.

Investing just about always comes with a variety of hidden management costs. But now, lower fees for wealth management doesn’t mean compromised service; it means that a decades-old industry is being improved with the efficiency that technology provides.

Say goodbye to traditional fee structures

StashAway was founded on the value of transparency. That means that you will always know exactly what you’re paying for, from the moment you sign up through the time you reach your portfolio target.

StashAway has a fee structure in which the fees decrease as the value of your assets increases; so, the more you invest, the more you save. What makes StashAway different from other advisors, is that we designed our fee range and structure to be significantly lower so that you can pay less in fees and earn higher returns. Not only is our fee range a fraction of what traditional advisors charge, but it is also inclusive of any withdrawal fees, trading commissions, and management fees that other advisors typically charge.

Earn more with StashAway fees

Additionally, StashAway, we only invest in ETFs, which have low management fees in the range of 0.15-0.25%. This fee will be charged automatically by the ETF manager, and this is additional to what StashAway charges you directly for managing your portfolio. StashAway does not receive any commission of any sort from the ETF manager; StashAway buys ETFs at market prices on the New York Stock Exchange.

Because we have systemised our processes, we don’t have large overhead costs to cover what traditional advisors face. We manage the same quantity of portfolios without compromising quality. Although we have human oversight to continually create, test, and monitor the algorithms, we manage and optimise each portfolio with advanced technology versus with human eyes. This means that we can efficiently make any updates to your portfolio in almost no time, while still delivering the high-quality investment service you expect and deserve.

Know your fees

Fees are incredibly important to consider when choosing the best investment service for you, because lower fees will enable you to earn higher returns and reach your financial goals sooner.

StashAway was founded on the value of transparency. That means that our customers always know exactly what they’re paying for, from the moment they sign up through the time they reach their portfolio target.

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