Michele Ferrario Co-founder and CEO

Michele Ferrario

Co-founder and CEO

15 years experience in consulting, investing, and building tech companies


We've raised RM103.24 million in Series D funding

Sequoia Capital India led the fundraising round, with existing backers including Eight Roads Ventures and Square Peg.


Our Clients Trust Us With More Than RM4 Billion

We’re working hard to change how people manage their wealth.


We’ve Raised Another $16 Million USD in New Funding

Taking your financial future even further with $16 million USD in new funding


Introducing StashAway Simple™, Our Cash Management Portfolio

You won’t get this with any bank, we promise. It’s cash management, like it should be.

Investment Advice

You Shouldn't Worry About Short-term Volatility

It's crucial that you keep your emotions out of investing, and that you stick to your plan.


StashAway Raises $12 Million USD for Series B

Eight Roads, one of Alibaba’s earliest investors, has invested in us


We're Celebrating 2 Years This Month!

We're celebrating 2 years this month! Here's a quick recap of what we've added to our offering, and how our portfolios have performed.

Investment Advice

Debunking "High Risk, High Return"

Is 6% annual returns high or low? It depends.

Money Management

What to Do with Your Bonus

It's bonus season! All we ask is that you spend, invest, or use it intentionally.

Money Management

Do You Have an Emergency Fund?

A credit card doesn't count.

Money Management

Is a Robo-advisor Right for Me?

Where to invest your money isn't always clear. We've broken down the key differences to help.

Investment Industry

Robo-advisors Are Transforming Wealth Management

Achieve your financial goals on your terms with significantly increased accessibility, flexibility, and security.

Money Management

Who Should Manage Your Investments?

Effective portfolio management is complex. Here’s what you should consider when choosing how to manage your investments.