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StashAway is a digital wealth management platform that helps you build long-term wealth with risk-managed and personalised portfolios.
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We’re licensed by the Securities Commission Malaysia

(Licence eCMSL/A0352/2018)

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How our portfolios have performed

Below is our portfolios' annualised performance and our same-risk benchmarks' since our launch in July 2017. We compare our portfolios' performance to their respective same-risk benchmarks because risk management is a core function of our investment strategy: We designed and manage our portfolios to maximise your returns without exposing your money to excessive, unnecessary risk to earn those returns.

StashAway Risk Index

There is a 99% chance that this portfolio will not lose more than
of its value in any given year.
More conservative
More aggressive
There is a 99% chance that this portfolio will not lose more than
of its value in any given year.
How this portfolio has performed compared to its same-risk benchmark
1.3% performance difference




Annualised returns since inception
As of July 2022
Compared to Benchmark of

5% Growth assets - 95% Protective assets

Our investment principles
Make investments decisions with data, not with gut feelingsTo manage your investments, we use macroeconomic indicators so that we know about changing economic conditions long before the markets respond, data to understand how asset classes perform in different economic conditions, and thousands of hours of research and testing to select the exact asset classes that comprise your investments.
High returns don't have to come with high riskHigh risk doesn’t necessarily mean high returns. In fact, because we understand which asset classes perform best in particular economic conditions, we earn returns without exposing your money to unnecessary risk. And, with the StashAway Risk Index, you can decide exactly how much risk to which you’re willing to expose your money.

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