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StashAway is a digital wealth management platform that invests your money in low-cost, risk-managed portfolios of ETFs. Sign up with this personal invitation, and we'll deduct 50% fees for the first RM100,000 invested for 6 months.

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Investing should be straightforward

  • Tell us what you want to achieve

    Whether you want to retire in 30 years with RM10 million, save for your children’s education, or simply build your wealth, we’ll build you a personalized financial plan and investment portfolios that reflect your preferences and that perform best in the current economic conditions.

  • Invest

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  • Regulated by the Securities Commission
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  • RM0 minimum balance
  • Flexible deposits and withdrawals for MYR

Investing should be personal

You have unique goals and preferences, so you shouldn’t have the same financial plan as your boss, auntie, and neighbours.

Investing should be intelligent

You aren’t buying into a fund with us. You’re getting your own portfolio with an asset allocation strategy designed just for you.

Advanced technology and data are the backbones of our investment strategy. With objective, efficient portfolio management, we put precision, protection, and peace of mind into every dollar you invest.

Investing should be cost-effective

Our management fee includes all transaction costs, rebalancing, and portfolio changes. You’ll never be charged for opening an account, changing your plan, or changing your mind.

It’s what you and your money deserve.

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Put experience behind your money

Who invests your money matters. We bring decades of multi-asset portfolio management experience to your investments.

Here’s to you and your money’s future.

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