Weekly Market Buzz: 🥂 Raising a glass (half-empty?) to earnings season

21 July 2023

Flex your investments: Level up with Flexible portfolios

Looking for a smarter way to build and customise your portfolio? Like LEGO bricks but for your finances? That’s exactly what our Flexible Portfolios are for.

From dollar cost averaging into the S&P 500 to building a passive income portfolio, and investing into ultra-low-cost globally diversified funds – these are just some of the many use cases of Flexible Portfolios.

Join our webinar on 2 Aug (Wed) to learn more on: 

  • What Flexible Portfolios are and why they can be a useful tool for you
  • The different use cases for Flexible Portfolios with examples
  • A step-by-step demo on how to use Flexible Portfolios

Have any other questions? We’ll be answering them live, so join us!

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