Direct Debit Promotion

25 April 2024

There’s never been a better time to make investing a habit and grow your long-term wealth. 

Activate your voucher by setting up your monthly recurring deposit of a minimum of RM1,500 for three months to get RM100* rewarded into your StashAway account. 

Here’s how it works:

Here is how to apply the voucher manually:

  1. Mobile app > More (Top left corner in the app) > Promotions > Enter promotion code: [ABC123]
  2. Set up a minimum of RM1,500 monthly recurring direct debit deposit for three months into any StashAway portfolio.

To enjoy the reward, redeem the voucher and set up your first recurring direct debit deposit before 27 June 2024. 

Not sure how to set up a recurring deposit? Follow the simple steps here.

*This promo is only eligible participants who have received the promotional email from StashAway.

Promo Ts&Cs: 

  1. Enter the promotion code in the app before setting up the monthly recurring direct debit deposit. 
  2. The promotion code can only be applied once within the campaign period before 27 June 2024.
  3. This campaign is only valid for eligible participants who have received the promotional email from StashAway.
  4. The promotion only applies to new monthly recurring direct debit deposits of RM1,500 or more made into your portfolios and does not include modification of existing deposit schedules.
  5. The new recurring direct debit deposits can be invested into any StashAway portfolio. 
  6. To qualify for the RM100 reward, participants must complete their monthly recurring direct debit deposit schedule for a minimum of 3 consecutive months from the day the direct debit was set up.
  7. Participants will not be eligible to receive a reward if they cancel or skip their recurring direct debit deposit during the campaign period.
  8. The recurring direct debit deposit can be placed into different portfolios as long as all the respective scheduled deposits add up to a minimum of  RM1,500 per month. 
  9. All respective recurring direct debit deposit schedules have to be set up within 31 days after the first scheduled deposit is set up.
  10. The reward will be deposited into your Simple portfolio within 31 working days after the third recurring direct debit deposit has been made.  
  11. If you don't have an existing Simple portfolio, we will create one for you for the purpose of receiving the reward. You can subsequently decide what you wish to do with the portfolio - keep it, and invest, withdraw or transfer your reward.
  12. Participants will be notified via email once they have successfully fulfilled the campaign criteria and are eligible to receive the reward.
  13. StashAway reserves the right to make changes to the promotion.

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