How should I protect my Devices and Computer Systems?

The categories and suggestions below, many of which may apply to your home as well as your office, are some suggestions which you can and should adopt to ensure a secure online experience:

Protect your computer

  • Install anti-virus software and the latest security patch on the computer you use to access StashAway
  • Set it so that it performs automatic updates
  • Remove file and printer sharing, especially when connected to the internet
  • Consider the use of encryption technology and perform regular backups to protect critical data
  • Only allow trusted USB drives into your computer
  • Get in the habit of locking your account whenever you step away from your computer
  • Only use trusted devices and access trusted websites
  • Do not install or run programs that are not from trusted websites
  • Delete junk/chain emails
  • Do not access sensitive online sites or perform financial transactions over the public internet
  • Clear browser cache after each online session
  • Log off after each online session

Protect your mobile device

  • Always update your device to the latest available OS version; these patches normally carry security and bug fixes that will help secure your device and the information stored on it
  • Do not attempt to ‘jailbreak’ or ‘root’ your device
  • Keep your laptop, your mobile phone, and other portable devices that contain sensitive information with you at all times

Protect your network

  • Set a strong password for your WiFi network 
  • Do not allow anyone to connect to your network without permission

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