Will the returns of Simple always match the projected rate?

While we do our best to ensure the closest possible match between the projected rate and actual returns, there may be variations between the two. The projected rate of a money market fund is an estimation based on the current investments, interest rates, and expenses of the fund. 

Here’s a few factors that can cause the actual returns to differ from the projected rate:

  1. Interest rate fluctuations. The yields on short-term securities, in which Simple’s funds are invested in, are sensitive to interest rate movements. If interest rates rise, the yield on the funds' investments will also eventually increase, positively affecting the actual return.
  2. Changes in the funds' investments. The fund manager may buy or sell securities in response to market conditions or investment strategy changes, which can impact the actual return. To provide the best possible projection of future returns, we regularly update the projected rate and maintain ongoing communication with our partner fund managers.