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How does StashAway execute my orders?

StashAway always ensures that the best interests of our clients are considered in the generation and execution of orders.

For example, in the execution of customers’ orders, StashAway will consider multiple factors with the aim of achieving the best possible execution of all customers’ orders, including but not limited to:

  • Unit Price
  • Execution-related costs
  • Speed of execution
  • Probability of full order fulfilment
  • Order size
  • Nature of the access to the applicable brokers and execution venues
  • Any other relevant characteristics of the investment product
  • Potential conflicts of interest

What constitutes an Acceptable Tolerance Threshold (ATT)?

A Shortfall/Excess Discrepancy will, in respect of a portfolio, fall within the ATT where it meets both criteria below:

(a) The absolute value of the Shortfall/Excess Discrepancy is not more than USD 0.01 (or its equivalent in MYR); and

(b) The absolute value of the Shortfall/Excess Discrepancy, when taken as a percentage of the value of the relevant portfolio's contribution in the Bulk Settlement under which the Shortfall/Excess Discrepancy arose, is not more than 0.0001%.


More details can be found in our Order Execution Policy here.

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