Philipp Muedder Head of Partnerships

Philipp Muedder

Head of Partnerships

9 years of experience utilising holistic financial planning methods in the wealth management industry

Money Management

3 Ways to Manage Risk in Your Investments

Managing your risk comes down to how you set up your investments

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4 Ways to Invest in Yourself (and Your Financial Future)

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What You Should Do with Your Investments in an Economic Slowdown

In an economic slowdown, cashing out your investments is not the answer.

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How to Have RM1 Million by the Time You’re 65

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Here’s How Much Cash You Should Actually Have

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How to Avoid Concentration Risk with Your Personal Assets

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How to build a passive income strategy

Setting up a passive income strategy can help you retire early and achieve financial freedom. Here’s how to set it up.

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Is Preparing for the Holidays Part of Your Savings Plan?

Include your holiday spending in your savings plan to help you stay in control of your finances during the holidays.

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How to Have ‘The Money Talk’ with Your Partner

Talking about money shouldn’t be scary.

Money Management

Be Smart Long Before a Market Downturn

How to prepare in a bull market for an inevitable bear market

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Lifestyle Inflation: Your worst enemy

This is why the wealthy stick to budgets.

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Cut Back Your Spending on These 3 Things

The way you spend your money comes down to your priorities.