Our Clients Trust Us With More Than RM4 Billion

Michele Ferrario

Co-founder and CEO

01 February 2021

Did you know that we’re managing more than $1 billion USD? (That’s more than RM4 billion!) We reached this milestone in 3.5 years, faster than it took the world’s largest digital wealth managers, Betterment and Wealthfront, to reach the same milestone.

We’re the fastest-growing digital wealth manager in Asia. And it’s not just retail clients who rely on StashAway for wealth management, but also finance professionals such as accredited investors.

Managing more than $1 billion USD means a lot to us because it's a sign of our clients’ confidence that we’re doing right by their money. We’re working hard to change how people manage their wealth, through:

  • our sophisticated investment framework, ERAA;
  • our reliable customer experience available 7 days a week; and
  • our emphasis on free financial education resources.

To date, we’ve successfully guided our clients through the last few years’ volatility while generating strong returns: through 2 market corrections in 2018 and a market crash in 2020. See Our Returns in 2020 for more.

StashAway Academy, our free personal finance course, has also helped more than 20,000 people achieve better financial outcomes.

We’re excited to be on your financial journey with you. And if you’re just joining us, you’ll soon be on your way to building wealth for the long term. If you want to learn more about investing, check out our articles, podcast, or StashAway Academy.