Live Webinar: StashAway’s Market Outlook for the Rest of 2022

10 August 2022

Find out how rising interest rates, inflation, and bearish markets could affect your investments, and what to expect for the rest of 2022.

Stephanie Leung, Co-CIO of StashAway, shares her insights on the year ahead in 2022.

Find out:

  • How recent macro factors, such as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, rising inflation, and US and global stocks falling into bear market territory, are driving concerns of an impending recession
  • Where the economy is heading, based on signals from StashAway’s investment framework, ERAA®
  • How StashAway’s portfolios have performed in the first half of 2022, and how they’re prepared for the rest of the year

About the speaker, Stephanie Leung, Co-Chief Investment Officer of StashAway, a leading digital wealth management platform

Stephanie started her career in finance and investing in 2006 at Goldman Sachs. Since then, she’s managed multi-asset investment portfolios for institutional clients, including hedge funds and family offices, such as The Caravel Group, Harmony Advisors, and Calabas Capital.  Stephanie holds a Masters in Computer Science majoring in Artificial Intelligence from Stanford University and a Bachelor of Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan.

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