Put data, not emotions, behind your money

Introducing ERAA®

Economic Regime-based Asset Allocation®. It’s our proprietary investment strategy that harnesses economic trends to maximise your returns at the risk level that feels right to you.

  • A focus on what matters

    ERAA® monitors economic trends and valuations to make informed, intelligent management decisions for your investment portfolios. Focusing on solid economic fundamentals, we don’t bother reacting to short-sighted, sporadic market activity.

    That, with an easy-to-use, flexible platform, you can finally have the investment experience you deserve.

  • More data, less guessing

    Our system determines the best asset allocation for your personal portfolios based on economic conditions, not on how the market is doing that day. When economic conditions change to a recession, for example, your portfolio’s asset allocation automatically changes to maximise your returns and keep your risk level constant.

  • More diversification, less risk

    The portfolios we build have up to 32 differentiated and global asset classes, such as stocks from a variety of sectors from around the world, bonds issued by governments and corporations, and gold. This level of diversification protects you from sudden drops in any given asset class and prepares your investments for any economic environment.

What can your portfolios do for you?

  • Simultaneously reflects your personal preferences, your goals, and economic conditions.

    Our system determines the best asset allocation for your personal portfolio based on who you are, what you want and the economic conditions that are the ultimate drivers of medium-term returns.

  • Dynamically maintains your desired risk preferences in any economic environment (yes, even a recession).

  • Seeks undervalued opportunities, and avoids overvalued assets

How does ERAA® compare to other investment strategies?

ERAA® dynamically manages your risk while maximising your returns. How? In short, our intelligent portfolios have less pronounced ups and downs, and so they can recover more quickly from market downturns, ultimately earning more in the long term. Over the last 15 years (yes, through the Financial Crisis), our intelligent portfolio would have earned more compared to a similar risk benchmark. The benchmark is composed of 60% in stocks (as measured by Vanguard Total Stock Market Index, VTSMX) and 40% in bonds (as measured by Vanguard Total Bond Market Index, VTBMX).

Read here to learn more about our backtest.

Past performance is not a guarantee for future returns. Before investing, investors should carefully consider investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses, and if need be, seek independent professional advice.

Thorough ETF selection

  • Diversified

    We use 32 different asset classes that span across sectors and geographies. Through these 32 ETFs, you get access to 14,000+ securities.

  • Efficient

    The ETFs in which we invest have low tracking errors, low bid/ask spread, and optimal expense ratios to achieve highest efficiency.

  • Reliable

    When selecting ETFs, we make sure they have strong managers, high liquidity, and real underlying assets.

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Because this is what investing should be

Pranay Gupta, MD, AllocationMetrics, Former Head of Multi-Asset Strategies at Temasek's Fullerton Fund Management, and StashAway Advisory Committee member

Freddy Lim, Co-Founder, Chief Investment Officer, StashAway

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why does your emphasis on the risk-management matter?

    Our investment framework takes a holistic, long-term viewpoint that aims to achieve similar returns as benchmarks do with a fraction of the risk. There can always be temporary drawdowns, but with a long-term view, we can recover from them quickly. See here for how we would have recovered from the 2008 financial crisis.

  • What are the expected returns?

    We have 12 risk profiles that allow you to personalise your investment portfolios. Our portfolios are designed to achieve average net returns between 4.1% to 10.4% pa over the medium-to-long term, depending on the risk profile you select.

  • Can I pick my own securities?

    Our risk-management investment framework distinguishes us from other wealth managers. If we were to allow you to select your own securities, we would not be able to optimise your portfolio to the fullest extent.

  • What time-frame do you recommend I take with a portfolio with StashAway?

    Our investment strategy is meant for medium-to-long-term investments of at least a 3-5 year time horizon. Keep this time horizon in mind for your own planning purposes.  Our investment decisions prepare you for the long term, not to react to market noise. And remember: no portfolio manager will be ‘up’ every day.

Still want to know more?

Join us at our next ERAA® seminar, where our management team will dive deep into how our portfolios change across economic cycles and answer any questions you may have.