General Questions

Can I withdraw to an overseas bank account?

What is your investment strategy?

Why does StashAway invest in ETFs?

How is StashAway different from a bank savings account?

How is StashAway different from other financial advisors?

How is StashAway different from other robo-advisors?

Is StashAway regulated?

Who is Pacific Trustees?

What does it cost to open and close a StashAway account?

How are the fees calculated?

How old do I have to be to open an account?

What is one advice you would give someone that just joined StashAway?

What is the StashAway Risk Index?

How do I deposit funds into my StashAway account?

What is StashAway's Citibank account number?

When will my funds appear in my Stashaway account?

How does my money get allocated if I have multiple portfolios?

Can I deposit from a joint bank account?

What is domestic ringgit borrowing (DRB)?

Why am I being asked about how many home and car loans I have?

I was previously unable to open an account as I am deemed to have Domestic Ringgit Borrowing, can I open an account now?

I am not Malaysian/PR; can I open an account?

I work at a bank; can I invest with StashAway?

What is re-optimisation?

How often is my portfolio rebalanced and re-optimised?

Why is there a 1% Cash allocation for my portfolio?

What is dollar-cost averaging?

How do I make changes or delete my goal?

Why is 90% withdrawal converted into a full withdrawal of the portfolio's assets?

When will my withdrawn funds from StashAway appear in my bank account?

Can I withdraw in USD to a USD account?

I have moved. What do I need to do?

What happens if the account holder passes away?

What is a Power of Attorney letter and how does it benefit me?

How do I close my account?

Are StashAway's portfolios Shariah compliant?

How can I make a complaint?

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