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When will my funds appear in my account?

If your funds reach our Citibank Trust account before 10am on a business day, it will be linked to your StashAway account on the same day. You will also receive an acknowledgement email from us concurrently. If we receive your deposit after 10am, it will only be processed the following business day and you should receive an email confirming this by noon the following day. If you do not receive an email, you can reach out to us and we will investigate this for you. 

The funds will usually be invested the next business day (this is because when we send funds to our broker, Saxo, it usually reaches their account the morning of the next business day) when the market opens and be reflected in your account the following business day.

Please note that deposits sent from outside of Malaysia and foreign currency deposits may take longer due to extra verification required by regulations and hence a longer processing period.

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